Happy New Year!  


2019 New Year

With every new year comes new opportunities. So looking into 2019, we’re more excited than ever! Here are some of the reasons why…

Code Savvy Educator program’s goals and resolutions for 2019:

  • Continue to expand and connect the network of K-12 computer science educators from across MN (and beyond!) through increased #MNCodes social media and events
  • Increase awareness and application of culturally relevant and inclusive teaching practices through every computer science education training we provide
  • Work with others through CSforAllMN to engage with policymakers and other stakeholders in discussions and decisions around CS education in MN
  • Increase awareness and access to our public resource library of curricular and training resources that are connected to both MN and CSTA academic standards   
  • Forge new partnerships and connections with school districts, institutions of higher education, and leaders in computer science industry to increase access to educator training opportunities, equipment, tools, site visits and guest speakers
  • Offer more computer science education training this year than ever before in an effort to empower as many K-12 educators as possible with knowledge, skills and resources to create new things and solve problems with technology!

We welcome your feedback, participation, help and support as we move forward with our goals — click to get in touch or to donate!


What is one goal you have for 2019?

Looking to add a creative problem solving, computer science and/or computational thinking goal your 2019 New Year’s Resolution? Check out the MNCodes 2019 Bingo Board we’ve created to help get you started! Start with a square or work to fill in the whole board! Be sure to share your new learning and connections via #MNCodes on social media!

2019 MNCodes Bingo Board

We look forward to an exciting 2019 filled with new connections and a growing #MNCodes educator network! Be sure to follow us on social media or bookmark our website to stay in the loop.