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This week’s spotlight and project-inspiration theme is: Women’s History Month

Spotlight on Women’s History! This week’s focus is “Next Generation of Women History Makers”

For the next month, we will shine our spotlight on the contributions of women in history, culture, and society.

This week’s focus is “Next Generation of Women History Makers”

For the last week of Women’s History Month we are honoring a young woman whose history is just beginning.

Gitanjali Rao is a 15-year-old scientist whose innovation is changing the world. She was also named TIME Magazine’s first-ever kid of the year in 2020. Inspired by the Flint water crisis in 2018 Rao created a device called Tethys, to help people detect if there’s lead in their drinking water. This device is both faster and more inexpensive than other methods. The design is based on carbon nanotube sensor technology and provides the results to an app on your phone. She has made many other devices mainly focused on biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Rao was inspired at an early age to find a way to bring positivity and community to the places we live. She was always interested in learning about STEM and creating change. When she starts a new device she does not force the process, she creates based on how she feels and how she gets inspired. She took this process and began holding “innovation sessions” to teach others how her process works. The process is observe, brainstorm, research, build, and communicate and is paired with different lesson plans, labs, and contests. She teaches this process all across the world and has now mentored over 30,000 students.

Rao was also a Technovation Global Participant and semifinalist. She created an app called Epione, which when used with another device will help better understand how addicted a patient is to opioids. She hopes that the device is something that physicians will be able to use in the future to help monitor addictions before it’s too late.

To learn more about Gitanjali check out some of her TED Talks here.

This week as you are practicing coding, can you hold your own “innovation session” to solve a problem? You could use Thunkable to build an app that solves a problem and helps your community. Be sure to share whatever you come up with!

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Scholarships Available for CSTA 2021

Each summer the Computer Science Teacher’s Association hosts a large nation-wide conference. This year will be virtual, and CSTA is offering scholarships that subsidize 100% of the program cost to support teachers whose limited financial resources may prevent them from attending. Learn more about our scholarship opportunity and apply by April 30. Read more about scholarships here.

CS Integration Curriculum Showcase

As part of the MNCodes Cohort, educators are asked to create lessons that integrate computer science with another curricular content area such as literacy, math, science, or others, and align to both CSTA and MN Academic Standards. We will use this space to regularly showcase various curriculum resources that have been created by current or former MNCodes Cohort members.

Cyber Security Overview and Careers

Here is a great way to introduce students to some careers in STEM involving Cyber Security. Check out the lesson resources here. To see other projects that integrate CS into core content areas, you can browse our database on the MNCodes website.

Coffee + CS Ed Zoom Call

Looking for more ways to connect with other educators interested in CS Ed? Or do you have ideas to share, questions or want to try out a resource in the company of other K12 CS Educators? Check out Coffee + CSEd Chats – every Friday at 8am, CT. Anyone is welcome to join! Details and Zoom info can be found here


This year, Technovation[MN] will be hosting Appapalooza as a LIVE Virtual event. Different from previous years, the winners at Appapalooza will not automatically advance, however, we do want to gather, with friends and families, to celebrate the outstanding work of the girls in Minnesota. We hope you will join us as a judge for the live pitch session of Appapalooza 2021.

Find out more  and register here!


Our winter/spring schedule is now available here. Our next virtual event is April 10! – Register Here. Hope to see many of you there. Sign up for email notices – CodeDojoTC and Rebecca CoderDojo

MN Cup Applications Open

Minnesota Cup (MN Cup) is kicking off its 17th season! Applications for the 2021 competition are open from March 15 – April 16. MN Cup connects current and aspiring Minnesota entrepreneurs to education, mentorship, seed capital, and the broader community.

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