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Just a reminder, the Code Savvy Board of Directors is looking for our next Executive Director to expand our work of creating opportunities for hands-on, equitable computer science learning experiences that inspire all learners to transform the future for good.

If you, or someone you know, has nonprofit leadership experience, a passion for promoting equitable education and increasing access for underrepresented students in the computer science field – we want to hear from you! 

Additionally, Code Savvy is looking for Part Time Computer Science Curriculum Developers to support our school partnerships through the development of project-based curriculum! Join us to engage and inspire students through creative computing! 

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This week’s focus is the Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing!

July 20th, 1969 – the world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon. It was a historic moment during a feverish space race in which the US and Russia (USSR) were challenging one another to make it to the moon first. The 60’s saw the first space flights ever, followed only 7 years later by landing on the moon. This was quite an incredible time and growth of technology. At the time computers took up entire rooms, and engineers had to shrink them down to fit in the space capsules which was quite a challenge. These breakthroughs in technology led to computing devices getting smaller and faster opening the door to the technology we have today. The Atlantic has a series of articles dedicated to the Apollo 11 moon landing, including one focusing on the incredible achievements of the Apollo computers. You can also read NASA’s account of the Apollo 11 landing here.

Large milestones such as the Apollo 11 landing can be a great chance for students to dig into the science and technology behind the event. The National Informal STEM Education Network has compiled a large list of educational activities and resources to help explore the Apollo landing and other space exploration milestones. These can be great chances to explore the application of math and science, as well as helping to make history come alive!

Helping students gain an appreciation for the history and technology behind space exploration is still as important as ever, as we are entering a new modern ‘space race’ with companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and others working toward taking the next major steps in space exploration. 

This week to honor and celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing, can you create any fun projects related to the milestone? Maybe you want to try creating your own rocket simulation in Scratch, or use a device like a micro:bit to create your own rocket control panels!

Catch Up on Past Weeks’ CS to Go and Bytes of Inspiration Videos

You can find all CS to Go and Bytes of Inspiration videos under Distance Learning on our website!


MNCodes Happenings

Code Savvy’s MNCodes Educator Training Program and Opportunities

Summer Online Courses

This summer Code Savvy is offering a number of online courses to help educators who are interested in Computer Science. Courses will take place online, and will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous work. For the remainder of the summer the following courses will be offered: 

Participants will be able to earn CEU’s for their time. We hope to see you there! 

CS Integration Curriculum Showcase

As part of the MNCodes Cohort, educators are asked to create lessons that integrate computer science with another curricular content area such as literacy, math, science, or others, and align to both CSTA and MN Academic Standards. We will use this space to regularly showcase various curriculum resources that have been created by current or former MNCodes Cohort members.

Scratch MadLibs!

This interactive project helps students to engage with parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives in fun ways. Students use Scratch in order to build their own MadLibs generators! Check out the lesson resources here. To see other projects that integrate CS into core content areas, you can browse our database on the MNCodes website.

Coffee + CS Ed Zoom Call – Summer Break!

We have wrapped up our Coffee + CS Ed chats for the school year! It has been so great to connect and collaborate with so many educators dedicated to improving CS education opportunities for our students! Please complete this survey so we can see what times would work to meet a few times over the summer to help stay connected. 

Summer Activities for Kids

Code Savvy Summer Camps at The Works Museum

Through a partnership with The Works® Museum, we are able to offer these half-day programming camps for kids ages 11-13. These camps will take place in person at The Works Museum.

Website Design

Learn how to construct a website using HTML, styling it with CSS, and making it interactive using Javascript. You will leave the class with published web pages!

When: M-Th, August 2 – 5, 9a.m. – 12p.m.

More information!


This summer, we will have monthly sessions rather than bi-weekly. Our summer schedule is now available here. Our next virtual event is Saturday, July 24! Registration is open. You can Register Here. Hope to see many of you there. Sign up for email notices – CodeDojoTC and Rebecca CoderDojo

Technovation – Code with Me – AI

Code with Me – AI is a series of monthly webinars where you will be able to learn about different topics of technology and artificial intelligence from industry professionals.Topics include bias and AI, deep learning, computer vision, and more. These interactive sessions are a great way to discover more about AI for people of any skill level. Events are open to all and will be presented in French and English..

The first session is July 14 from 5:30-7 pm CDT. Join Carolyne Pelletier to explore gender bias in AI.

Register here (be sure to click English in the upper right of the screen to see the English version of registration).

Congressional App Challenge

The Congressional App Challenge is back for another year of inspiring the next generation of American STEM talent! The Congressional App Challenge is a district-specific competition where Members of Congress invite students to create their own original apps with the chance to win nationwide recognition. 

This program accommodates coding skills of all levels. Students compete with others in their district, so hundreds of students, including beginners, are honored as winners each year. Winning teams are then invited to the U.S. Capitol Building, where their apps are put on display for one year. Don’t let your students miss out on this great opportunity! 

More Information here

Bright Ideas Hack-a-Thon

Two-Day Event – Aug 12 (8:45am-3pm) Aug. 13 (9-noon) Bright Ideas Hack-A-Thon is an online event for women in Minnesota’s high schools and 2021 graduates. At the event, students will work in groups of 3 students and 2 industry mentors to identify a product or service that solves a social or business problem. You will take on a designated role to pitch the idea. Anyone can have the best idea and product in the world but if it can’t be successfully pitched; the idea will not take off! Join this exciting event, make new friends, and learn from others!  

Register here

Please note the following:

* This is a two-day event taking place Thursday, August 12 & Friday, August 13, 2021

* You will receive a Zoom link one week prior to the event.

VR Summer Camps @REM5

REM5 has openings at 3 summer camps in August. 

VR: Entertainment and Beyond

Ages: 8-13 (suggested)

When: Aug 2-5, 9am-noon

VR Design and Creation

Ages: 8-13 (suggested)

When: Aug 9-11, 9am-noon

VR Entertainment and Beyond

Ages: 8-13 (suggested)

When: Aug 9-11, 9am-noon

More information and register here

Best Prep Summer Offers 2021 Minnesota Business Venture Camp

Minnesota Business Venture –  MBV is a virtual four-day business and career development summer camp that brings together students in grades 9-12 to learn business, leadership, and financial literacy skills.

This is a great opportunity to network with students from across the country, hear from business owners, build skills needed for your resume and future job, learn information you’ll need for college applications, and help you learn about the career you’d like in the future. 

Visit for more information.

CompPassion Internet Safety Hackathon

CompPassion is offering a FREE coding competition. During this virtual event, your child will:

  • Learn about methods to stay safe on the Internet through a presentation and a guest speaker
  • Be introduced to the wonders of computer science and be able to code their own programs
  • Have opportunities to receive feedback from experienced and passionate coders
  • Work on projects to eventually enter into the various prize tracks
  • Have opportunities to win cool prizes! (Prizes will be given to winners of each track for each age group, as well as to various random participants throughout the event)

More information and register here

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