Connect with other computer science educators through one of our upcoming public events!

2020 MNCodes virtual Summit: Saturday, November 14, 2020

We are excited to welcome educators from all over to join us for a day of interactive sessions, labs and discussions that explore ways to expand equitable and engaging computer science education to all students! We will focus on integrating CS into a variety of K12 curricular areas and learning formats. Click here to learn more


Coffee + CS Ed Zoom Check Ins:

Join us for a chance to connect, check in, share, and troubleshoot during Coffee + CS Ed Zoom sessions, happening on Friday mornings at 8:30am, CT. Anyone interested in computer science education is welcome to join in!

Click here to check out our shared notes and resource page (also accessible at

Feel free to share with others who might be interested!

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Coffee + CS Ed (2)

Scratch Camp for Educators:

2020 SUMMER Virtual Scratch Camps were a huge success!

CHeck back for future virtual scratch Camps


Calling all K-12 educators who are interested in Scratch programming… from Scratch newbies to Scratch experts!

Come and explore or dig deeper into creative computer science education using Scratch, a free, easy-to-learn, powerful language for creating games, stories and animations. This interactive training experience will focus on the many ways that coding can put the power of creation in students’ hands, K-12.  We will personalize the learning experience by breaking into groups based on experience with Scratch.

Edison Robot Training for K-12 Educators

Face-to-face training has been postponed for now – please check back for virtual training options!

Are you looking to build more 21st century skills among your students? Bringing robotics into the classroom is a great way to build computer science, design thinking and problem solving skills. Code Savvy is proud to be the MN Training Partner for Edison Robots. We provide equity-focused, hands-on training for K12 and community educators to develop skills, strategies and ideas for integrating Edison Robots into any classroom.

Join us for a hands-on chance to dig-in to robotics and share learn ideas of how robotics could look in your teaching space. Our training includes access to Edison’s curriculum, project ideas, design challenges and examples, and practical strategies for differentiation to ensure an equitable and engaging robot learning experiences for all students. All educators are encouraged to attend, as Edison’s can be utilized K-12.

Each participating school will receive 1 free Edison Robot so you can take what you learn and bring it back to students right away!

Why Edison Robots? They are low-cost, ready-to-use, programmable robots that are designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for learners ages 4 and up. Edison can be programmed with free online platforms – EdBlocks, EdScratch, or EdPy (no software needed), has built in sensors, can be used with LEGO, and include access to free curriculum and educator guides.

MNCodes May Digital Meet Up Event 

Saturday, May 16, 2020 – 9am – 11:30am – online event

My Post (8)The MNCodes May Digital Meet Up is a chance for any K-12 educators interested in computer science, from across Minnesota, the US, and the world, to come together to connect, learn and share around topics of mutual interest. We will be crowd-sourcing session topic ideas ahead of time for this event. You will have a chance to vote for topics you’d like to explore within the Eventbrite registration form. There will be speakers, open discussions, Q&A sessions, resource sharing…and prizes!

This event aims to bring the K-12 computer science education community together to learn and share, and to to keep momentum for CSforAll going during these unprecedented times! This event was created after the original in-person MNCodes Summit was postponed from May, 2020 to November, 14, 2020. We hope you’ll consider joining us in November, as well!

We believe we are stronger together and appreciate the collective efforts to continue expanding equitable and engaging computer science education to all students!

MNCodes MeetUps: Face-to-face meetups are postponed for now

MNCodes MeetUps are an opportunity to connect and share resources with other K-12 Screenshot 2019-01-01 at 9.44.03 AM.pngeducators who are passionate about computer science education. The meetups will take place at various locations throughout the Twin Cities, as well as some online meetings, and will use an EdCamp / Unconference format to set the meetup agenda and to set the stage for discussions, hands-on exploration and open resource sharing. Click here to see notes from past MNCodes MeetUps.