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MNCodes Digital CS PD Breakout Session Descriptions:

CS + Content Area Integration

A common barrier to teaching computer science is that teachers feel that they have to “find time” to teach it separately within the school day, especially in states (like Minnesota) where there are no statewide computer science standards.  Often, teaching computer science comes down to the ingenuity of individual educators to find ways to work in CS into other content areas.  This breakout session will explore different ways to integrate computer science with other curricular areas, including how to get started and favorite resources.


Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) is a widely used, block based platform that lets students create almost any project they can imagine from games to stories to art and more.  This discussion will focus around Scratch as an educational tool.  From how to get started to more advanced uses.

Creating a CS Scope and Sequence

More schools and districts are working to create a Computer Science Scope and Sequence for their students. This can be an exciting, yet daunting task! Come join this discussion if you are interested in the many aspects of creating a scope and sequence, and to share thoughts, ideas, and questions around creating a computer science pathway for students.

CS Concepts Across Platforms & Code and Culture

We will discuss best practices with introducing computer science concepts to scholars of all ages. Also, we will collaborate on ways to bring a cultural awareness to computer science in hopes to engage the underrepresented communities in computer science.

Human Centered Design for CS Educators

Human Centered Design (HCD) and Design Thinking (DT) are two very hot buzzwords in education.  But what exactly are they, and how do they apply to CS?  At the root of CS lies a desire to design systems, algorithms, programs, software and so on.  Design has deep roots in Computer Science.    In this session we will briefly discuss Human Centered Design and how to become a Human Centered Coder!

Infusing CS into Teacher Ed: Pre or Post Licensure

Preparing educators with the knowledge and skills to teach computer science is an important issue. Many different states are taking a wide variety of stances in regard to teacher preparation and licensure around Computer Science Education. This discussion will center around the question: “How do we best equip educators with what they need to feel successful in computer science education?”

Unplugged Activities

Teaching computer science can sometimes feel like it requires expensive equipment or that learners need to spend lots of time in front of a computer screen. But there are lots of ways to explore computer science without any devices or special equipment, through activities known as “Unplugged Activities.” Join this session to learn about and discuss favorite unplugged activities, resources, and connections with curricular content.

Physical Computing, Maker Ed, Robotics

The idea of expanding computer science education outside of the computer screen can be realized well through avenues such as physical computing tools (Micro.bit, Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey, Arduino), Maker Education, and Robotics. Come join a conversation around how these tools can help bring computing into the physical world!


Join other AP CS teachers to share favorite tips, strategies and resources for engaging students and broadening participation in AP CS courses.

CS in K-5

Getting kids starting in computer science early and often is crucial for long term success and fostering interest in the field.  Helping all students start with a strong foundation in computer science can be achieved in K-5 schools.  This discussion will explore questions, ideas, and resources for what computer science in K-5 can look like, and learn from one another’s successes and challenges.

CS in 6-8

Middle School is a great time where students can start to dig deeper into computer science.  Come share ideas and resources for what CS can look like in grades 6-8.

Coding Clubs/Outside of School CS

This session will explore ideas, resources and tips for engaging learners in coding clubs and extracurricular computer science opportunities, both during distance learning and in “normal” school situations.

Hands-On Coding Experience: Code Championship

Learning follows excitement. Especially at a distance, building excitement about code can be a challenge. Let’s write some code and play head to head in Code Championship’s first virtual tournament! The winner will receive a passcode to run their very own tournament with their aspiring coders! Head to www.codechampionship.com for info.