2022 MNCodes Virtual Summit

Join us on May 14th for a virtual

computer science education summit event!

Registration Now Open!

2018 MNCodes Sessions

Educators Together: Networking to Expand Computer Science Education

With a virtual summit, distance is no longer a barrier to participation! We welcome educators from all over to join us for a day of virtual sessions that explore ways to expand equitable and engaging computer science learning opportunities to all students, with a focus on integrating computer science and computational thinking into a variety of K-12 curricular areas and learning formats!

The 2022 MNCodes Virtual Summit provides a space for educators from all over to come together to share their knowledge, passion, and resources for computer science ed through interactive sessions, labs and discussions on a variety of topics.  Educators, administrators, community education staff, lawmakers, and anyone else who is interested in computer science education — all are invited to join in on this virtual event related to expanding equitable and engaging K12 computer science education!

3 CEU’s are available for attendance at the Summit.