Exciting news!

Code Savvy’s MNCodes Educator Training Program

was selected as Minnesota’s official

Edison Robot training partner!

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We are excited to bring the power and impact of computer science through robotics to educators and students across Minnesota! We provide equity-focused, hands-on training for K12 and community educators to develop skills, strategies and ideas for integrating Edison Robots into any classroom.

Why Edison Robots? They are low-cost, ready-to-use, programmable robots that are designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for learners ages 4 and up. Edison can be programmed with free online platforms – EdBlocks, EdScratch, or EdPy (no software needed), has built in sensors, can be used with LEGO, and include access to free curriculum and educator guides. Want to learn more about Edison Robots? Click here!

Our training includes access to Edison’s curriculum, project ideas, design challenges and examples, and Edison-V2.0-HEROpractical strategies for differentiation to ensure an equitable and engaging robot learning experiences for all students.

Additionally, each participating school will receive 2 Edison Robots and have access to Code Savvy’s Edison Robot lending library of 10 additional robots.


Please contact us to request more information or to schedule a training.

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We look forward to bringing the power of Edison Robots to educators and students across Minnesota!