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Code Savvy is now offering online courses!

The Code Savvy’s MNCodes Educator Training program is excited to announce online K-12 Computer Science Professional Development Courses! These PD offerings are a mix of synchronous (live) and asynchronous activities that are designed to be completed at your own pace. Attendees will gain lifetime access to notes, video recordings, and resources for the course.

Early bird pricing is currently available on all courses!

Current Online Course Offerings: 

Scratch Camp: Beginner Level – June 15 – 18

Join us for an introductory course to the block-based coding platform of Scratch ( We will walk through the basic functions and features of scratch, explore strategies to help students get started, and brainstorm student project ideas.

Scratch Camp: Intermediate Level – June 22 – 25

In the intermediate level Scratch Camp we will explore some more advanced features and functions of Scratch, as well as strategies to use Scratch as a way to enhance classroom content areas of study.

CS + Content Integration – July 20 – 23

In this course, we will go in depth to explore specific tools, strategies, and resources for integrating Computer Science into core curriculum content areas. Instead of taking time away from other subjects to teach computer science, what if computer science could be a tool to help kids explore content in new and meaningful ways?

Digital Making with micro:bit – August 11 – 13

This interactive course will engage elementary, middle and high school educators in using micro:bits for digital making, with both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (at your own pace) participation options. Micro:bits are often recommended for use with students ages 7 and up. Join us for a hands-on learning experience where you will choose your own differentiated learning pathway (beginner to advanced) to learn about the micro:bit, its features and the ways it builds both computer science and maker skills. Participants in this course will be supported in developing a prototype with micro:bit and will design a lesson that integrates a micro:bit project into curricular content. Our course will end with a prototype showcase as a way to share your learning and innovative digital making! Participation in this course will also broaden your professional network to include a global community of educators passionate about digital making! All experience levels are welcome!